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Hiring can be a challenge

Especially when you're not hiring the top 1% talent that has been through an extremely strict vetting process

RGT vetting process

The developers you’ve been hiring have been giving you issues. Mediocre outcomes, low quality development, delays in delivery, communication issues, not innovative enough, no long term vision and loyalty, and so forth

The real reason behind this major is the fact that these developers haven’t been vetted properly

Discover our Vetting Process

What’s our approach?

02 - Tell us your requirements

Your technical needs & business objectives are understood by our Solutions Experts

03 - Get personalized recommendations

You save time by reviewing profiles of only the best-suited candidates

04 - Meet your product goals

You, the developer & RGT work together to meet your engagement objectives

01 - Check for a fit

You interact with the candidates to ensure alignment with your product goals

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